We - Thahira Chemicals is one of the leading manufacturers & exporters of biotechnology based products. Established in the year 1988, our product range covers wide variety of chitin, chitosan, Glucosamine HCl, Glucosamine Sulphate. The products offered by us are extensively used as antimicrobial agent in food industry, for water treatment etc.

We believe in efficiently utilizing our experience and upbeat technology in bringing out products that match the exacting needs of our clients. Our professional team of biotech engineers has throughout knowledge in the workings of organic chemistry, enabling us to offer our client’s latest research based high performance range of products. Further our dedicated team of researchers are working towards finding new methods and derivatives from the plant and marine life.

To offer our clients superior quality of biotech products at competitive prices.

  • Good Management Control
  • Experienced people
  • World Class Systems
  • Eco-friendliness
  • Technological competence
  • Good Manufacturing skills
  • Process Controlling
  • Perfect Management
ISO 9001-2008
Sri. M.S. Anas(CEO, Thahira Chemicals) Receiving ISO 9001-2008 certificate from Hon. Minister E. Ahammed
We offer to our clients wide range of biotechnology products that meet the exacting requirements of our clients. Our product range includes:
  • Chitin
  • Chitosan
  • Glucosamine HCl
  • Glucosamine Sulphate
  • Sixty Plus Chitosan Capsules
They are used in a heterogeneous variety of applications like in water treatment, as anti microbial agents in food industry, etc.

Some of the strengths that help us meet the emerging challenges and efficiently meet diverse customer’s requirements are:
  • Versatile Product Range: We have the expertise to offer our products in raw form and powder form.
  • Customized Production: We offer customized manufacturing facilities of our products as per the requisite specifications of our clients.
  • Competitive Costs: Our manufacturing expertise and easy availability of quality raw material, provides us an advantageous position towards developing and offering our products at competitive costs.
  • Quick Response: The extensive use of information technology in our day today working ensures that our clients get prompt attention and effective workable solutions towards their specific products requirements.
  • Complete Transparency: We believe in complete transparency and share information regarding analysis report, QC reports, etc., with our clients.

To maintain consistent quality in our range of products, our experienced quality controllers use rigorous quality control measures during the procurement of raw materials and at different stages of production processes. For conducting flaw less testing, we have our own in-house laboratory facilities complete with latest equipment for checking the quality of our products.

Apart from these quality control measures, some other measures that enables us to maintain superior quality in our products are:
  • Use of fresh shell from marine environment as raw material.
  • Use of certified good quality reagents.

The salient features that distinguishes us from the rest are:
  • Extensive experience of over one and half decades in the industry.
  • Expertise of our bio technologists and allied professionals.
  • We follow cGMP, manufacturing and good lab practices.
  • Superior quality biotech products.
  • Customized manufacturing facilities.
  • Organic raw material supplied through authentic sources.
  • Products are free from yeast, mold and other contaminants.
  • Competitively priced.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities consist of modernized machinery equipment that enables us to successfully meet the demands of work order requirements. For better processing of products, we have separate sections for processing chitin and chitosan. Apart from these facilities, we also have:
  • Modern Pre-processing Sections
  • Ice Plant
  • Cold Store
  • Quality Control Laboratory
  • Machine Room

Further, our modern laboratory facilities also assist us in monitoring the quality of our products and aid us in checking their after effects. Another important constituent of our infrastructure facility is our R & D unit, involved in researching and developing new varieties of supplements, in turn helping us further improve our product range.

The superior range of biotechnology products offered by us are used in a wide range of applications like:
Industry Usage
Pulp and Paper Strengthening Aid, Retention Aid
Agriculture Yield Enhancement, Soil Erosion Control
Health Care Dietary Supplements, Specialty Medical Products
Cosmetics Emulsifiers, Moisturizers
Food and Beverages Wine Clarification, Juice Clarification
Water Treatment Clarified for Industrial, Recreational Purposes
Metal Recovery Metal Removal from Aqueous Systems
Oil Removal Storm water Runoff; Industrial Waste water

Chitin and its derivative (Chitosan) are natural polysaccharides bio polymers with cellulose which are produced by the biomass.

Production: Production is done out of crustacean shells due to the large availability of wastes from the sea food industry. Crustacean shells have three mail components - Chitin, Calcium Salt and Proteins. It requires separation of three components with Acids, Extraction of Calcium Salts and Basis Extraction of Proteins. The yield of Chitin extraction is 15% from the dried shells or 2% from the fresh shells. The Chitosan is produced by deacetylation of the Chitin.

Characteristics: They are linear co polymers of glucosamine and N-Acetylglucosamine.

We have given codification by three numbers followed by the date of production. The first is concerned about the origin and the quality grade, the second number concern the viscosity and the third number the degree of deacetylation.

Origin & Grade
  • Squid Bone
  • Shrimp shell cosmetic & pharmaceutical grade.
  • Food grade shrimp shell.
  • Technical grade shrimp shell.

Viscosity In Cps. (1 grm of Chitosan in 99 grm of 1% Acetic Acid solution at 25 C.)
  • for viscocity upper than 2000 cps.
  • for viscocity in between 2000 and 500 cps.
  • for viscocity in between 500 and 100 cps.
  • for viscocity in between 100 and 20 cps.
  • for viscocity in between 20 and 05 cps.
  • for viscocity less than 05 cps.

Degree of Deacetylation
  • for DDA lower than 80%
  • for DDA between 80 and 85%
  • for DDA between 85 and 90%
  • for DDA more than 90%

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